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Home sweet home

On 27 August Khaluf returned to Barr Al Hikman. She flew straight from the Caspian Sea to exactly the area were we caught her already two years ago. Khaluf was the last of the tracked birds that returned to Oman, the other four birds were already in the area for some time. It means that […]

On the wings again

Today, Khaluf and Shannah have left Barr Al Hikman in a northwards direction. They are on the wings again, heading to their breeding areas! Both birds continously stayed in Barr Al Hikman for about 260 days. Now it will be very interesting to see how the birds migrate compared to last year. Already, we know […]

Funky tides

Shorebirds including Bar-tailed godwits only forage when the mudflats are exposed with low tide. The tidal rhythm is caused by the combined gravitational forces of the moon and the sun and by the rotation of the earth, a simple fact. However, between places the amplitudes and the timing of the low and high tides differ […]

Barr Al Hikman home to bar-tailed godwits

Thanks to the transmitter data we now know that bar-tailed godwits spend a long winter at just a few square km. Not just a few square km somewhere in Oman; they returned to exactly the same area as where they were seen last year prior to their short summer visit to Siberia. Bar-tailed godwits appear […]

Welcome home Khaluf!

Khaluf returned to Barr Al Hikman on 28th July to the  area where she was caught in November 2015 and where she spends most of her time. It might feel as a home for her, so welcome home Khaluf! Khaluf was away from Barr Al Hikman for 105 days. She commenced her annual journey for […]

What’s going on?

All migrating birds arrived in the breeding area about four weeks ago, where they moved around very little. However, last week we have seen some movements again: Hilf went up north to Bely Island, and Khaluf started to migrate south again today. What is going on? From literature we know that bar-tailed godwits initiate their […]

All birds left their stopover area

Yesterday, Nuqdah left the Caspian Sea and arrived in Siberia. This means that all birds now have left their stopover place in the Caspian Sea or Aral Sea (except Masirah who still enjoys the Omani sun). So time to recapitulate a bit and look at their stopover behaviour. It appears that there is a strong […]

Final jump to the breeding areas?

After a stopover of almost four weeks in Caspian Sea, transmitter bird Hilf decided yesterday evening (18 May) was time to leave and head further north into Siberia, Russia. It seems she picked a good day for migrating north as there were pretty strong southerly winds blowing, which gave her very favourable tail wind as […]

Tracking Data with Argos Satellite System

By Andy Kwarteng While we are waiting for the birds to migrate (further) a bit more information on the system we are using. The Argos satellite system (www.argos-system.org) which is operated by Collecte Localisation Satellites (CLS) has been used to collect information on animal movements since its inception in 1978. There are currently six Argos […]