Khaluf returned to Barr Al Hikman on 28th July to the  area where she was caught in November 2015 and where she spends most of her time. It might feel as a home for her, so welcome home Khaluf!

Khaluf was away from Barr Al Hikman for 105 days. She commenced her annual journey for reproduction on the 14th f April. She took a northward flight to the coastal areas of Iran and the Caspian Sea, Kazakhstan. Probably she bred close to the Ob Delta in Siberia, Russia. At least she stayed within a remarkable small area for 28 days. This might be just enough to successfully lay and incubate a clutch. It is known that female bar-tailed godwits put little less effort in raising chicks than the males, so it is possible that she left the area after the eggs hatched, and left the male alone with the chicks. However, given the short time she was in the breeding area, a more likely scenario is that the she lost her clutch along the way, for instance through predation. Either way, she left the breeding grounds by the end of June. After a long stopover north of the Ob delta, Siberia, she migrated south to the Caspian Sea on the 1st July. A month later she migrated south to downtown Dubai! This bird that spend almost her entire life in vast nature areas suddenly was in a park surrounded by sky scrapers and street light. We sent people out there to look for her and photograph her, but unfortunately she wasn’t spotted. After a week she decided to move back to the pristine mudflats of Barr Al Hikman. A journey of 12.000 kilometers, which brought her from worlds’ coldest to worlds’ hottest climates to an end for this year. What an achievement!